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Business transformations
  Reaching head, heart and spirit

Creating a great place to work where people are inspired, energized and focused
When system-wide engagement is needed
Whether transitioning to a new culture, implementing a major change or merging two organizations you need to reach head, heart and spirit to create true engagement and momentum. Our portfolio of methodologies and programs is designed to breathe life into organizations and create the conditions for success.

We enable significant and enduring change by giving people what they need and by focusing on what matters.

Even in the most change-resistant environments our clients' transformation projects are successful beyond expectations.

Outcomes Rapid deployment
Foundation for future succes
Quick, tangible results
Sustained engagement

What our clients are saying...

The project was a turning point for us... it had a significant impact on our business, our management style and our employees. Many concrete and sustained changes came about because of the OTP – A process and our initial success with the merger was largely due to our participation in this process.
Michelin Canada Director

Our objectives were numerous: we wanted to exchange information, share expertise and facilitate communication between employees, as well as instill our new philosophy of empowerment. GroupeExpedia took the time to assess our specific needs and prepared content that exceeded our expectations. The project was a success on all counts.
Cantrex President

Selected success stories
Creating positive momentum
Aerospace & Transportation
Consolidation, restructuring of operations Labour relations, low trust, resistance, significant change Team Workout Historic collaboration between management and labour, successful implementation of new organizational structure
SAP implementation Cross-team collaboration, trust, alignment Team Workout Collaboration across all divisions, successful on-time implementation of project
Transformation Employee engagement, scope of change, focus on performance, time pressures, workload Making the Most of Change for Leaders Ongoing Full alignment and engagement in a challenging direction, empowered leaders, trust in management
Consumer goods
Merger, change of management style, culture change Management skills, habits, entrenched practices, silos Orchestrating Team Performance Accelerated for all leaders
Team Workout, Collaborative Communication for all employees
Unprecedented energy, cross-team collaboration, cost saving innovations (+$1 million saved in one department), remarkable resiliency for future restructurings
Change of culture, new direction, new management Performance, resistance, trust, complexity, engagement, motivation Team Workout for all divisional directors Renewed engagement and enthusiasm for new direction, operational efficiency
New direction, new management approach Traditional silos, engagement level, management skills Team Workout for entire organization Renewed collaboration, trust in management, employee-led initiatives for a transition
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Restructuring Engagement, crossteam collaboration, change fatigue Team Workout for entire division Renewed trust and enthusiasm, improved communication and networking, cross-team collaboration for implementing change
Team effectiveness Complex needs, matrix teams, management skills, culture, sustaining performance, size of division (800) Orchestrating Team Performance – Accelerated, Team Workout Client received highest company ranking world-wide for effective teamwork
Healthcare team effectiveness Patient care, inter-professional collaboration, leadership, alignment, operational efficiency Healthcare Team Effectiveness implemented in primary care teams across Canada Ongoing Improved collaboration and engagement, greater efficiency and effectiveness in operations and patient care
Co-promotion/ joint venture Mutual trust, different operational pressures, alignment, corporate cultures, performance Team Workout Effective communication, collaboration, operational efficiency, on-time product launch