Making the Most of Change for Leaders
Leading and implementing change
Developing a change map to chart a vision, critical issues and a strategy
  Is necessary and critical change being effectively implemented in your organization?
Making the Most of Change for Leaders is a workshop for leaders who need to take charge of a change quickly, confidently and effectively. Based on the best practices of hundreds of successful change initiatives, this practical workshop teaches leaders how to take their teams through a thorough planning process and ensure flawless implementation of their organization's change initiatives.

Making the Most of Change for Leaders helps turn ideas into action, confusion into a clear direction and resistance into commitment.

There is nothing like it.
Outcomes Features
Teams aligned with the organizational direction

Empowered leaders

Full employee engagement

Quick mobilization

For implementing an actual change

Action focus, not theory

Scalable method – for any leader at any level

Directly addresses individual contributor issues

One-day program

What our clients are saying...

This program helped our managers implement an imminent organizational change quickly and effectively. As such it is not traditional training with emphasis on theory. Rather, it is a practical, hands-on organizational development process focused on action. Everything is immediately applicable – a step-by-step approach that is critically important to managers.
Pfizer Canada Director

We worried less about how a change would impact a team if the team or manager had been through the training because we knew they had tools and a process to manage their issues.
Pfizer Canada Director

3 questions to consider
1 Can your managers lead change the way your executives expect they can?
2 How much of your managers' experience is put into action?
3 How will you ever see results if training concepts just sit on a shelf?