Members co-create a winning change implementation plan for their team.
Making the Most of Change for Teams
Implementing change now

Are your teams embracing change?

Making the Most of Change for Teams is a facilitated workshop designed for teams who need to take charge of a specific change and embrace their organization's new direction. The workshop introduces the 3D Change Process, a methodology that ensures thorough planning and flawless implementation of change initiatives.

Your teams will be focused, energized and implementing change as intended.

There is nothing like it.

  • Well-planned and executed change strategies
  • Engaged teams
  • Quick mobilization
  • Alignment with corporate direction
  • Customized organizational development interventions focused on action – not theory or training
    • 3D change model – a simple process for successfully implementing change
      • Tools and job aids for ongoing support
        • Completely scalable – from management to individual contributors

What our clients are saying...

The 3D Change model guided managers to create inclusive environments and get their people involved. Discussions took place where people brainstormed, dealt with various feelings, worked through issues, and took ownership. This reduced resistance and created greater buy-in.
Pfizer Canada Director