From Conflict to Collaboration
Skills and strategies for open and honest relationships

How are your teams handling conflict?

Unresolved conflicts can greatly affect team dynamics and productivity. When people don't have the right skills to handle conflicts they tend to avoid dealing with them. Asking members to handle it on their own is not an ideal solution.

From Conflict to Collaboration training helps people resolve conflict in a productive stress-free way. Teams learn conflict resolution skills and a simple collaboration process that fosters greater understanding of mutual needs and generates winning outcomes. This program enables people to have open and honest communication, strengthen relationships and build trust.

Outcomes   Features
Reduced tension and conflict

Resolved issues

Increased trust and open communication

  Simple step-by-step collaboration process

Pro-active analysis for preventing potential tension and conflict

Guidelines for initiating a discussion easily

‘No-fault’ model for discussing issues

Essential communication and resolution skills

6 common conflict discussion mistakes to avoid

What our clients are saying...

From Conflict to Collaboration was wonderfully executed. In one day we learned how to approach our colleagues when a conflict exists, talk to them, walk through the problem and resolve the issue. I learned that I am not alone, that most people are nervous about rejection also. Thank you.
Pfizer Manager

5 sources of tension & conflict
Different values
Alignment on priorities
Conflicting information
Ineffective processes