Working with meeting tools and processes for maximum productivity.
Meetings That Matter
Skills and strategies for productive meetings

How much of your team's meeting time is efficient and productive?

Do you ever feel that you're going around in circles, that you've already debated a topic too many times? Are some people bringing doodle pads to your meetings?

Meetings That Matter is a customized coaching session that helps teams address their most critical meeting issues, correct disruptive behaviours, and create efficient meeting processes tailored to their own needs.

This organizational development intervention immediately gets teams working together in the most efficient, effective and productive manner.

Balanced participation
Outcomes Features
Smarter meetings

Quality decisions

Resolution of priorities

Balanced participation

Energized teams

Reduced time wasting

Customized coaching intervention, not training

Meeting Derailers – Identifying your team's disruptive behaviours

The new paradigm for meetings

Tools and processes you can't do without

Essential facilitation and participation guidelines

Techniques for re-energizing team meetings

What our clients are saying...

The workshop has made a dramatic difference to the way we interact in meetings. This was our most productive meeting since I joined this team.
Pharmaceutical Manager

A practical customized workshop that helped us work on our own problems and create something that truly fits our team's challenges and personality. We finally addressed sensitive issues that we were too afraid to discuss. This was not the usual generic advice that never gets implemented.
Consumer Goods Director

5 common meeting derailers*
Too many devil's advocates
Deep diving into unnecessary details
Win-lose mentality
Speaking without adding value
Opinions discussed as if they were facts
Are any of these familiar?