Orchestrating Team Performance
– Accelerated

Methodologies to transform teams
  Team discussion on the results of their Team Diagnostic, an effectiveness assessment, and planning developmental and corrective actions
Do your leaders have the right tools to keep their teams performing?

Outstanding teamwork needs outstanding leadership.

Orchestrating Team Performance – Accelerated (OTP-A) is hands-on leadership development designed to keep teams on track, engaged and performing at the highest levels.

Our new leadership model provides a systematic coaching structure and practical tools enabling leaders to immediately resolve the day-to-day issues preventing teams from being their best.

Teams will stay focused on priorities, be operationally effective and work in a truly innovative and collaborative manner.

Integrated learning, integrated system – of course!

From diagnostic to targeted interventions. Indispensable feedback, and immediately applicable tools to resolve issues and obtain measurable results.

There is nothing like it.
High performing leaders and customized game plans for outstanding teamwork
Outcomes Features
Energized high-performing teams

Empowered leaders

Resolved issues – just in time

Alignment on priorities

Healthy working environment

Operationally efficient teams

Standardization of leadership practices, common language, approaches and tools

Online Team Diagnostic measures effectiveness in 11 critical areas of teamwork

Leader Tool Box, simple comprehensive tools to immediately resolve issues

From strategic to tactical

Measurable results: track progress for individual teams or entire divisions

What our clients are saying...

This has been our principal Tool to orchestrate optimal teamwork within our Field Force. I personally attribute a large portion of our resulting team performance successes to this Tool and process.
Pfizer Canada VP

OTP-A is an integral part of our business, we have adopted the underlying principles and tools in everything we do and continue to see its benefits in improving our team function and business delivery.
ICON Clinical Research Director

Leading a team of diverse and dynamic individuals can at times be challenging... this offers a clear roadmap on ways to focus and improve even teams that are already considered to be effective.
Hoffman LaRoche Director

The OTP system has worked extremely well. It has allowed us to learn from one another's experiences in each plant... and challenged people in different plants to find solutions for the entire organization... This has become a way of life for us.
Aerospace manufacturing company Manager

8 valuable lessons about building teams
We've learned important lessons from assisting 1,000+ teams become high performing teams:
1 When the right conditions are in place, teams can significantly improve their performance within weeks – not years.
2 Team building is a strategic process – not a main event, entertainment or motivational speech.
3 Leaders need to play an active role in the process with planned interventions.
4 Interventions with teams must be grounded in reality – not theory, games or entertainment.
5 Leaders need easy access to effective tools to take action quickly and resolve issues.
6 Teams must develop strength in 3 key areas:
alignment on the business
working relationships
operational effectiveness.
7 Measurement and feedback on team effectiveness and progress are vital.
8 Executive support and sponsorship are essential.