Strategic team building and mobilization combining strategic planning, Appreciative Inquiry,  continuous improvement and relationship development.
The Team Workout
‘Time out’ to create the right conditions for success

Are your teams fit and ready to deliver?

Team Workout sessions are customized team effectiveness interventions that generate immediate tangible results – they are not training or entertainment. Teams do real work, engage in robust dialogue and meaningful exercises to remove obstacles impeding optimal performance.

The result: re-energized, cohesive, operationally efficient teams aligned on their deliverables.

For many clients, Team Workout sessions are 'Kaizen for people' – quick continuous improvement with strategic and tangible deliverables to apply right away.

There is nothing like it.
Team identifying root causes  of critical business issues
Outcomes Features
Alignment on deliverables

Resolved issues, tangible results

Operational efficiency and agility

Healthy working relationships

Quick mobilization for change

Renewed trust and collaboration, true teamwork

Renewed energy and engagement

Totally customized to each team's needs

Accelerated intervention

Immediate strategic benefits

The Team Workout  
A jumpstart for all new teams
Vital, continuous improvement for getting back on track, and staying there
Alignment for merging/co-promotion teams
A foundation for matrix teams
An invaluable step in important transitions
A cathartic experience for teams in conflict

What our clients are saying...

The interesting part of the process is its tangible pragmatic application to our business. Rarely has there been a session that so actively engages people to work and resolve real issues to this extent. The results are immediate and the solutions are concrete, providing us with useful actions and plans to implement.
Société des Alcools du Québec VP

What this process offers that is different than anything else I have experienced: An opportunity to take real work issues offline; work through them with the direction of a trained facilitator; in a practical and thorough process that results in action items that fit and are realistic and have been assigned to an owner with timelines for completion. The process is custom designed, practical and complete.
Solvay Pharma CEO and executive team

This is not your typical team building exercise that has become a bit tired and clichéd... that never seem to result in any meaningful and lasting change in team performance. The Team Workout takes aim at both the heart and mind. The outcomes are specific and practical. We were able to put actions in place immediately upon returning to the office that have led to a significant improvement in our team's performance.
AstraZeneca Executive Director